Fruit Custard Pie

Today is my mom’s birthday and she was very specific on what kind of cake she wanted. She asked for a fruit tart with Bavarian creme. I love cooking but seriously…I’ve never made something like that before. I figured that I’ll just wing it since it shouldn’t be that hard, right?

Right. Easiest recipe I’ve ever made besides chocolate milk! Maybe because it’s semi-homemade!

I took a Nilla wafer pie crust and thought of how I was going to make the Bavarian creme. Stood there for a minute but I didn’t know where to start. I bought those 5 minute vanilla pudding packs and was going to use vanilla pudding but they sell these packs of Bavarian creme to decorate cakes. Mom was already prepared with a big pack of it in the fridge. I squeezed the heck of that Bavarian creme into the pie crust and smoooooothed it all out.

Then at Publix I bought all the fruits I wanted to use! The good thing about it is that the kids loved eating the leftover fruit! Healthy big sister! Oh, yeah! On top of the Bavarian creme, I spread some Cool Whip and rinsed out all my fruit.

It was easy just putting my fruit in a pretty design and voila!


A fruit custard that took less than 10 minutes to prepare!

I also got my mother some roses. I find them to be delicate and so very charming. Tomorrow I’m taking my mother on a 2-seater plane. Well, I’m not, a pilot is. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow!

Also, pray for all those unborn children who don’t have loving mothers like mine!


Fruit Custard Pie:

1 pie crust
fruits of your choice
vanilla pudding packs or Bavarian creme
Cool Whip


Happy Birthday, Mother!

Happy birthday to the woman who said, “Yes!” Who found love and joy in keeping me when she was young and naive and had the ‘legal’ option of saying no. She’s my favorite woman in the whole entire world and I love her with my whole being. Happy birthday, mother! You have no idea how much I appreciate your commitment in being a loving and caring mother towards me and the rest of my siblings.


Missing Him

Sometimes when I’m alone and have nothing to do, I imagine what he’s doing right now. I try to imagine his feelings and his thoughts and wonder how often my boy thinks of me too during certain circumstances. Currently, he’s in class. Thursday is the only night that he goes to school and I can’t remember for the life of me which class this one is about but I’m assuming it has something to do with his major, which is Accounting. How he’s that good with numbers, I have no clue, but I’m glad someone is for the both of us! He’s probably listening to the professor talk on and on about numbers and formulas and either my boy is intently paying attention and jotting down notes or he’s bored as heck thinking of me and wishing he could talk to me right now. I like to think it’s the latter. He’s so smart and so cool that sometimes I wish he’d know how much I look up to him. By the way, did I mention how handsome my studmuffin is?! Well, he is! He’s the better person I want to be. And I miss him terribly when he’s busy. After dating him for 17 months, I feel like I know all about him and yet I feel like I don’t know anything. I sometimes quiz myself on how well I know him when I ask myself obscure questions. “I wonder if he likes okra. Nah, he’s not a huge fan of vegetables. I can’t wait to cook for him. Just not okra. I hope he’s okay with that. Pssh! He’ll be more than happy not to eat okra. Doesn’t he get tired of chocolate milk every morning? I’m so happy he likes chocolate milk because he’s my handsome big little kid. I wonder what he thinks of the mole on my face…” The list goes on…and then I laugh at myself about the absurdity of it all and I fall in love with him all over again.

He’s my boo. And I love him with every bit of my tiny heart.


New Year’s Resolution

That one stinkin’ day every year we make that one stinkin’ commitment that we chant to ourselves for less than a stinkin’ week…and then we fail. Pretty miserably too. My New Year’s Resolution was a good one.

Pictures. Simple as that. Just take pictures. At least once a day. So hey! “What the heck!” I thought. I’ll try the 365 project where you take a photo a day for a year. It couldn’t be that hard, right? Well, think again! Life is too busy to take one picture. Sigh. So a few days ago I made a late New Year’s Resolution and that was to pick up writing again. I’m not a great writer…heck! I’m not even a good writer. I just enjoy writing. And for me, it’s easier to type than to write it out on a journal. So here is my first attempt…after many first attempts.

Because all it is is that one commitment.

Just write.