Second Blog

I made a blog to connect with my friends from around the country. I miss them terribly and I hope this will be good for us. This is the about page.

“We are a group of friends committed to regain the art of long-distance friendships. Staying close with friends can be a challenge, and at times seemingly impossible. But the truth is—between hectic schedules, different time zones, and new adult life responsibilities—it’s a struggle. Sometimes hurried phone calls, quick text messages, and wedding advice via Pinterest has to be enough. We all relish connecting with our friends face-to-face—the miles erased when we take a long weekend together, or sit down for a drink after a long day. But it is possible to feel connected, even when life and distance have gotten in the way. This is the way we decided to connect.

Challenged Directionally is the title we named this blog to connect from all over the country. It’s a challenge. We live different lives, do different things, go in different directions. Hopefully this will bring us all closer together even though we are all far apart.”

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