Fruit Custard Pie

Today is my mom’s birthday and she was very specific on what kind of cake she wanted. She asked for a fruit tart with Bavarian creme. I love cooking but seriously…I’ve never made something like that before. I figured that I’ll just wing it since it shouldn’t be that hard, right?

Right. Easiest recipe I’ve ever made besides chocolate milk! Maybe because it’s semi-homemade!

I took a Nilla wafer pie crust and thought of how I was going to make the Bavarian creme. Stood there for a minute but I didn’t know where to start. I bought those 5 minute vanilla pudding packs and was going to use vanilla pudding but they sell these packs of Bavarian creme to decorate cakes. Mom was already prepared with a big pack of it in the fridge. I squeezed the heck of that Bavarian creme into the pie crust and smoooooothed it all out.

Then at Publix I bought all the fruits I wanted to use! The good thing about it is that the kids loved eating the leftover fruit! Healthy big sister! Oh, yeah! On top of the Bavarian creme, I spread some Cool Whip and rinsed out all my fruit.

It was easy just putting my fruit in a pretty design and voila!


A fruit custard that took less than 10 minutes to prepare!

I also got my mother some roses. I find them to be delicate and so very charming. Tomorrow I’m taking my mother on a 2-seater plane. Well, I’m not, a pilot is. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow!

Also, pray for all those unborn children who don’t have loving mothers like mine!


Fruit Custard Pie:

1 pie crust
fruits of your choice
vanilla pudding packs or Bavarian creme
Cool Whip


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