New Year’s Resolution

That one stinkin’ day every year we make that one stinkin’ commitment that we chant to ourselves for less than a stinkin’ week…and then we fail. Pretty miserably too. My New Year’s Resolution was a good one.

Pictures. Simple as that. Just take pictures. At least once a day. So hey! “What the heck!” I thought. I’ll try the 365 project where you take a photo a day for a year. It couldn’t be that hard, right? Well, think again! Life is too busy to take one picture. Sigh. So a few days ago I made a late New Year’s Resolution and that was to pick up writing again. I’m not a great writer…heck! I’m not even a good writer. I just enjoy writing. And for me, it’s easier to type than to write it out on a journal. So here is my first attempt…after many first attempts.

Because all it is is that one commitment.

Just write.


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