Humans of Plant City

There is a group called Humans of New York or HONY and this guy takes random pictures of people in New York and asks for a short interview. It’s really inspiring and interesting to see people in different situations and different phases of their lives. I decided to get enough courage to ask someone if I could take a picture of them. I went walking around the lake with my mom and ran back home to grab my camera. So here is the photo!

Meet John. I found John fishing by our lake and I asked if I could take his picture.
“How often do you fish?”
“About 2-3 times a week.”
“Do you catch anything?”
“Yeah, sometimes. Just not today. I haven’t caught nuffin’ really.”
“Do you keep the fish?”
“Nah, I catch ’em and toss them back in.”


23 Before 24

As some of you may know, last year I did this thing and I called it 22 Before 23. It was a list of 22 things I’d like to accomplish before I turned 23. I’ll list them below. The idea is that you don’t need to complete all of them to have a successful year, but it keeps you reminded of your goals and to use it as a form of checklist for every year of your life. I, by any means, was not able to complete my list but I’m glad for the memories and things I was able to do.

My birthday is in exactly a week and I just finalized this upcoming year’s list. I’m so excited for the new stages of my life! What girl is really eager to be 23? The next big stage after 21 is being 25; when you can rent a car. But for me, it’s going to be a new way of life. New lifelong roommate, friend, lover, and the person whose job it is to bring me to Heaven! Imagine! Living your life with that one most important job. Anyway, that’s a different topic for next time.

Here is 22 Before 23: unnamed

  1.  Learn how to play piano. I unfortunately failed at this one.
  2. Learn a new language. I wasn’t able to but I’m going to be more specific next time.
  3. Ride in a hot air balloon. Repeat for this year!
  4. Make 5 arts and crafts.
  5. Clean out closet – rotate clothes Yes and no. Definitely no right now.
  6. Complete at least half of our book. 😦
  7. Find a new job.
  8. Own a car.
  9. Get a new laptop. 
  10. Complete Insanity – tone  Ha. Ha. Ha…
  11. Learn calligraphy  Lucky enough that my best friend got me a calligraphy set Christmas 2012 and I was able to learn a little. Repeat for this year!
  12. Learn how to make a dress on the sewing machine.
  13. Go back to school. Not my calling anymore for now.
  14. Read 5 books
  15. Start recipe book More like a binder and since I hardly cook right now, there’s not much in it. There will be in almost 4 months!
  16. Passport
  17. Anything photos. I’m really glad I got to progress. I’ve had some good models and life happenings to help.
  18. CNA license 
  19. Plant.
  20. Go on a roadtrip. I was fortunate to do this one quite a lot last year.
  21. Bake a special treat for someone
  22. Engaged. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here is my new list!!

Here is my new list for this year! 23 Before 24:

unnamed (1)

  1. Marry Mr. Bauer This is by far going to be my most favorite thing to do this year!
  2. Learn sign language I think last year didn’t work because I wasn’t specific with myself. In terms of my new family, there will be great benefits in learning sign language.
  3. Ride in a hot air balloon. Still want to do this!
  4. Read 5 books Although I did this last year, it’s always important to take time out to read. I love reading and it’s harder now that I’m older and have a job.
  5. Passport This sounds like it can actually be done this year. I didn’t really pursue it all last year because my name is going to be changing soon and I don’t want to have do any process twice within a year time frame. 
  6. Drink red wine on Italy street The reason why I’d be needing that passport!
  7. Learn how to budget I’m terrible with money. Anyone can attest to that. Now that I’m going to have more responsibilities and having to worry about someone else besides me, I need to learn to do big girl things. Growing up is tough.
  8. Go to Colorado with my best friend I’m really thinking this won’t happen until 2015 but it would be so nice to do it this year. I have a friend that lives in Colorado and it’s one state I’ve always wanted to visit.
  9. Plant I didn’t really have an opportunity to do it last year but now with my own little place, it should be more feasible. Keep it green, yo.
  10. Furnish apartment Sooo excited for an apartment with Andrew! And even more excited to furnish the place! Our own couch! Imagine that.
  11. Go skydiving These type of heights scare me. But after taking Elizabeth parasailing for a birthday gift, I think I can face my fear and go skydiving. I’ll probably be a chicken about it the whole time but I know I’d love it.
  12. Go on a roadtrip to see Sr. Judith All my roadtrips last year was to go to the convent. But this one will be specifically to spend time with her. I miss that chick.
  13. Run a 5k I really love running. I’m just bad at it. One of my dreams is to run a marathon. Got to start somewhere!
  14. Practice calligraphy I have that calligraphy set so I just need to practice it now.
  15. Disney My 4 year old inner self is screaming at me to do this. I have no choice but to listen, right?
  16. Say a rosary a day This will be a good habit to get into. I used to be great at it.
  17. Exercise daily Instead of giving myself a certain weight limit to reach, I think it’s more mentally healthy to choose to be healthy. And that would help if I just tell myself to exercise daily instead of trying to fit a mold.
  18. Shoot a gun Anyone want to take me to the shooting range?
  19. Go on a gelato date/date nights with my husband I’d love to do regular date nights with my future husband but if we just fit a gelato date in, (whether it be in Florida or Italy) I’d be happy.
  20. Charity I love doing charity work. My mother did a good job in instilling that in me. If anyone want to come with me to a nursing home to hang with the elderly, let me know!
  21. Watch the sunset at the beach on my honeymoon We’re going to the Keys so hey! Why not?!
  22. Take a photography class I’d like to get better at my hobby. 
  23. Be happy. After watching this Ted video, I think many people lose their perspective on life. If I can be happy this year, then I can be happy every year. Remember to be happy. No matter what. Jesus loves you and I love you too.

New Years Eve/Day

My New Years consisted of me getting my lower right wisdom tooth pulled. It was hurting me all weekend so I decided to go to the dentist. They said it obviously needed to be extracted so I called Andrew to come be with me so he can drive me home. 

I spent most of the day sleeping and woke up an hour before midnight to drink hot (well, cold in my case) chocolate and kiss the family. We went outside to pop little confetti thingamabob’s and took pictures. I just wanted to share them with you all. 


Mom acting like a goof.


Andrew trying to blow it away from his face.ImageImage


Anthony wasn’t feeling well and didn’t really want to take a picture. He was forced to.




Introducing our adorable kitty, Gallifrey. Or Gally for short.




Hope you had a marvelous and blessed New Years!

I just wanted to share some of my engagement photos with ya’ll.





IMG_6630 (1)








The future Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bauer hope you had a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful upcoming Advent!

Also, keep warm like Andrew. He was trying to warm up his nose. IMG_7143

Ave Maria University

Tomorrow I’ll be heading out with a friend to the college I went to for two years. Victoria and I will be leaving tomorrow afternoon to drive the 2 1/2 hour drive to Ave Maria University in beautiful Ave Maria, Florida. Victoria is going to be the photographer for a friend of mine’s wedding on Saturday and I’ll be tagging along as the second shooter. So excited for this as well as seeing all my friends who have grown up, got married, and also have a kid or two. A big happy college reunion!

Now off for me to grab some sleep because I am a pro at procrastination. I’ll pack and do my last minute errands, well, last minute.

Pray for us and for the future Mr. and Mrs. Crockett!


I was in the hospital from Sunday afternoon until yesterday evening. After taking an ambulance from one hospital to another, unable to talk, eat, or breathe, vomiting and severe stomach pain, all I wanted was Andrew. He’s been here to make me laugh and get my spirits up. This photo was taken last night after my shower. After this he meticulously combed out my really long hair with no complaint because my IV kept getting in the way of me doing it. He’s my rock and my companion and I’ve never had a doubt that he wouldn’t be the most amazing, thoughtful, loyal, and loving husband ever.

Everything is fine though. I went to the hospital because my throat closed due to inflammation and then the night was tough on my stomach and nerves so I was in pain for a good portion of the morning Monday. I’m feeling much better now. But I wanted to show you how wonderful my soon to be husband is.


Some Wedding Plans

So far we’ve booked the church, hall, and photographer. Tomorrow is our engagement session and I’m cheesin’ excited! I’ve been just thrilled to be wedding planning. Thank goodness it hasn’t been stressful yet. At the end of the month I’ll be going wedding dress shopping with Elizabeth. I already asked my bridesmaids if they will be my bridesmaids and of course they had no choice but to say yes!

Anyway, that’s my little update for now. I’ll post more later when I get the chance.

I’m Engaged!

It’s a natural feminine tendancy for us women to think about how our perfect fairytale engagement will go down. We plan it in our head years in advance and drop enough hints to your boyfriend until you think he’s figured it out. The best engagement is when it’s a fairytale, but it’s not at all how you planned it.


And that’s how Andrew made it.


August 14th, was our 2nd year anniversary of us courting. “We” or at least I thought it was we until after Andrew proposed that made it just “him.” We planned the day to have breakfast together, go to the petstore and buy some fishes for our new fish tank, go to Adoration, and go to the park for a picnic.

I arrived at his home early in the morning to start of our day, and Andrew was making breakfast.


Look at those pretty flowers as well!

He made sausage and hashbrowns and I made scrambled eggs. Yum!

I noticed Andrew rushing me a little bit but I wasn’t thinking anything of it. So we got in the car and went to PetSmart to look for some more fishes for the fish tank. I know as we were pulling up to the store we were debating on whether it was Pet Smart or Pets Mart. I *think* we decided that because “Pet” was in red and “Smart” was in blue, then it must be PetSmart. Anyway, we looked like little kids getting really excited! There were many choices but it was so fun to pick them out together. Andrew really wanted a shark but our tank was too small.

We made sure the fish were acclimated before we put them into their new home.

This is me showing the excitement on camera for the both of us. And meanwhile, I thought that this day couldn’t get any more exciting.

Andrew and I went to St. Raphael’s for Adoration for an hour. Yes, we are those faithful romantics. And yes, I’ve got a keeper!

After Adoration, we made sure to get our picnic ready and drive to Azalea Park. Now, this park was the park we went to when our homeschool group would get together for playdates. We built lasting relationships at this park, had childhood drama, and childhood crushes. Although, I’m engaged to mine.

We set up camp and before we started eating, I made Andrew open his gift first…er, I thought I made him. It’s this so-called decision making I thought I had but apparently Andrew planned it this way the whole time kind of thing.

I noticed he seemed in a hurry but I just kept placing it in my head as him being anxious for me to get to the present he made/bought me.

I had warned him that the present I made was for our marriage, as they were matching pillowcases.

I’m not sure you could see it here but one says “HIS” and the other says “HERS.” I even made sure to make them on the side of the bed I know we’re going to be sleeping on.

Here’s another one of my handsome fiancé for your viewing pleasure:

Then it was my turn to open his present. He told me that the big box was something he bought, and the little box, which is not shown in pictures, was something he made. The little one had scissors in it because he didn’t want to tote it around…and you’ll see why soon.

I had to tell Andrew to take pictures of me opening my present because he was just staring at me. So here I go opening the box up slowly. I always open my presents this way.

I’m not one to open it fast. Andrew was insistent that he reach over every once in a while to “help” me. He just couldn’t wait for me to open it. I think in the photo below, my eyebrows are raised because I’m getting slightly annoyed by him reaching over and touching my box.

In the box was my favorite book, The Scarlet Pimpernel. It was a beautiful copy as well so I was overthetop happy! At this point, Andrew stopped taking pictures.

Christopher, Andrew’s brother, was so nice as to take pictures of us from behind a tree. If you need a state-of-the-art creeper, Chris is your man. (With just 3 easy payments of $19.99!)

Then I opened the book. And there it was. Beautifully hanging down from a string was my engagement ring. I thought he was just trying to get a closer look at the present. I didn’t notice he was on his knee to propose. I felt my stomach drop and my heart beat fast. I never experienced a sensation like that before.

Everyone has asked what was in the book that gave me such a reaction. Andrew meticulously cut the inside of the book out in the shape of a church and hung the ring on it.

The scissors was used to cut the string so I can get the gorgeous ring on my finger! You can kind of see the little bag with the scissors in it below.

I was reading the two main paragraphs in the inside of the book in the photo below. When Andrew first received the book, this is the page he came to and he thought it was perfect. And it was! Scroll up and read the passages yourself!

Then he asked me to marry him and made me the happiest woman alive! He put the big diamond ring on my finger while we were both tearing/crying.

We hugged and I cried some more.

Until I lay my head on Andrew’s chest and realize someone was behind a tree. Andrew told me it was Chris and we laughed. Isn’t my ring beautiful?! I think Andrew did a wonderful job.

AND it’s cooler than sliced bread!



August 3rd:

The skyline was beautiful this morning. I had no choice but to take a picture. But later on today, my dear boyfriend took me to a concert.



Then I had THIS as my skyline.


Yes, you’re right. It’s the Jonas Brothers! I thought I was done being a fan with their 3 year falloffthefaceoftheplanetdemise but nope! I was wrong. It’s sad to say it but my teen years have not wore off.

My boy went with me. Completely funny that he did but he was a trooper, and I’m sure he enjoyed himself.