August Photo-A-Day

I’m going to be trying Fat Mum Slim’s photo-a-day. I always save her lists every month in futile attempts to complete them, but alas, futile attempts they are.


I’ll hopefully keep up with this every day for the month. Just please don’t hold me to it.

August 1st:


I know it’s an eye. But it’s who it belongs to that fits with something beginning with N.

The eye in the picture is my godmother’s. Her eyes are green and the picture doesn’t do them justice. She’s my godmother. In Spanish we call our godmother, “madrina.” When you’re a little kid and can’t say “madrina,” you find your own little cute way to say it. So you refer to her for the rest of your life as “Nina.” I never knew she had another name until I grew older. It was a mind shattering realization. “You mean other people don’t call her Nina?!” Yeah…

August 2nd:


I think it’s pretty to the point. I miss him. Always. All the time. I feel so incomplete without him. Every day. Every breath. Boy, am I sounding melodramatic. But seriously. He’s seriously the best boyfriend in the world. I can’t wait to be his. To carry his name. To wake up to him every day.


I’m incomplete without Andrew.


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