Forks Over Knives

My aunt is friends with this girl who used to be 155 pounds of chunk and now she’s 128 pounds of muscle. She’s about my age and she looks great! That’s what I want to be. I asked my aunt to message her and see what she’s doing or what she’s done to look that way. She replied to my aunt saying that she watched Forks Over Knives. It’s a documentary on the plant-based diet. You can find it on Netflix.

forks over knives

It literally had me change my life. I mean, today is my first day starting it, and I hope it does change my life. During my research, I saw a woman say that after 3 weeks of it, she was able to get rid of her chronic asthma and lung disease. For someone who has bad asthma, I’m hoping I can be rid of it. I tried going to a farmer’s market yesterday but it was really tiny and had more of household and homemade items than produce. So I went to Publix and bought tons of spinach and fruits and vegetables.

Today I made myself a spinach smoothie. I kind of just threw things together and drank it this morning. It was a little tart. I should have added a whole banana instead of half. But it was really good!

Spinach Smoothe

I put it 2 cups of strawberries and half a banana with 2 big handfuls of spinach. Don’t forget to add a cup of water!

I brought grapes, the other half of the banana, and sunflower seeds for snacks throughout the day. Salad is going to be for lunch but I haven’t had time to decorate my salad. I highly suggest you watch the documentary. Only an hour and a half long. I’m sure you won’t regret it.


When I get home tonight, I’ll be doing Zumba for exercise and maybe squeeze in some yoga. I’m not sure how my body will be handling this new transition but we’ll see! I’ll keep you all updated.


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